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Papua New Guinea Origin

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Ramblin Joe has found a coffee that he really thinks you will like.

Joes Take

7.6 out of 10.  Pretty Good!

Smell-  Great rich chocolate and and a little something sweet on the end

Taste - No Doubt Chocolate. but Kim thinks a little caramel too.

Overall-  If you like dark coffee , this is a great brew. Strong flavor without an aftertaste


While traveling through Northern New Guinea. He found this coffee while exploring the highlands area of the country.  Working with the local people he found coffees that produce the most interesting flavors. The coffee he found is rumored to originate in the 1920's and was grown from the Jamaican Blue Mountain Variety.  This lends to the amazing flavor and brightness of the bean.



The native people are amazing in their sprit and the pride of the coffee they produce is outstanding. They have carved out a niche of in their society and the culture of the people and their care and dedication to quality is truly amazing.


It comes down to the quality of the bean and the care. Coffee cherries are allowed to ripen naturally on the tree, and then washed to produce a clean flavor.