About Us

Meet Ramblin' Joe

Ugly Mug's Master Roaster

Joe is on a journey to discover great beans and great brews that he can bring back for you to enjoy. At times he rambles from city-to-city, sampling unique creations from area coffee shops, and other times he is backpacking through the mountains of coffee producing countries in search of beans with rare and enticing flavor profiles. He has an insatiable curiosity for discovering special and unique brews. He knows that Bean cultivation, brewing techniques, and flavor combinations (Nurtured by Farmers, crafted by us, Enjoyed By you) make it possible to experience a wide array of flavor possibilities. To find these unique and curious flavors, he must seek out and discover places with great coffees.

About Ugly Mug Coffee

We're a locally owned, Tennessee based roaster, and we've been doing our thing for three generations. Our family is passionate about our craft and we are dedicated to the happiness of our customers.

We source our coffees directly from farms and select the perfect beans. Our head roaster "Crafts" the bean to coax out the most delicate and rare flavors, creating a product that our customers love.

We are dedicated to the coffee experience and we hope you will enjoy these beans as we have.