Top 6 things you need for an at-home coffee bar

Top 6 things you need for an at-home coffee bar

Getting up and buying a coffee from your local coffee shop isn't something every single one of us can do everyday- especially in a day where more people are working from home, people want to be able to access coffee as soon as they roll out of bed. Boring at-home coffee is a thing of the past with all of the equipment and ingredients that can be used to create your personal favorite coffee concoction.

When designing an at home coffee bar, you can make it as simple or as elaborate as you'd like! Below, you'll find 6 tips on basics that you'll need to design an at-home coffee solution.


1. Find a place to assemble

Now this may seem simple, but this is really the basic step in any sort of coffee setup. Most people will arrange some sort of counter space in their kitchen so they can be close to the sink and to wall outlets. This is a great idea, especially for smaller spaces. If you have more flexibility with the amount of space you're working with, you can use a separate bar height table and create your own separate coffee bar area.

2. Pick out your coffee equipment

Do you want a simple cup of coffee? Or do you want to learn how to create crafted, intricate beverages? Deciding on what kind of coffee you'd like to be able to create is an integral part of building your coffee bar. There are a million different machines on the market, so make sure to do research on what each one has and the restrictions on different machines.

Over the last couple of years, single-serve machines have become really popular with a huge amount of coffee consumers. Big names like Keurig and Nespresso sell their machines, but they do have limitations. Since these machines will only take certain cups, you have to make sure you're okay with only buying one certain type of product. A Keurig is going to offer a little more flexibility than a Nespresso machine, and we actually sell our own single-serve cups that can be used in Keurig machines at home!


If you're more of a traditional coffee drinker, a normal pot brewer could work fine just for you. Or, if you'd like to be able to have the most flexibility with drinks, you can also purchase an espresso machine. This will definitely be the priciest option, but if coffee is a hobby of yours, it can be a great investment into learning the craft.

3. Purchase utensils

Utensils are necessary but you can also have fun with your choices! Creating a certain aesthetic for your coffee bar is an enjoyable experience that will make your coffee-making process just a little more special. For utensils to start, we recommend getting some measuring tools, as well as mugs, glasses, as well as straws and stirrers if you are having iced beverages. With utensils, there's quite a variety of options to choose from depending on what kind of drinks you want to create. Hand-held frothers are also a great option for at-home coffee bars if you want an easy way to stir your drink or just to froth your milk. 

If you prefer grinding your own coffee, make sure you purchase a grinder as well! You can get great grinders for decent prices on just about any ecommerce website, like Amazon or Walmart.

4. Most importantly: your coffee!

Now that you have all the basics for your coffee bar, now you get to pick out the most important part: the coffee! One of the best things about coffee is that there are so many options for any sort of coffee-drinker palette. Flavored coffee has become increasingly popular, and we like to think that we have some of the best flavored coffee in the game! Buttermoon is a great coffee option for those who like a buttery, nutty cup of coffee. The smells that arise from a fresh pot of Buttermoon are sure to pull anyone out from even the deepest of slumbers. Regular coffees are the OG, so we must pay them respect as well. Depending on your preference of light, medium, or dark, you should be able to find a cup of coffee that makes you feel just right- but don't be afraid to experiment! One of our most popular blends combines light and dark roasted coffee- and once you've tried it you'll never go back. ***SAVING GRACE***

If you're into espresso-based drinks, we got you covered, too! Our espresso is available in both whole bean and ground, and it'll be sure to become a staple in your coffee routine once you experience the buzz.

5. Drink add-ins

Sweet coffee-lovers: this is where you shine. Drink add-ins allow you to customize and experiment with your drinks so you can have the perfect cup depending on your mood that day! The possibilities are truly endless: they are so many syrup, sugar, and milk varieties on the market today that your ability to create any drink is truly a glass ceiling. Toppings are also a fun way to spice up any drink that you have! Whipped cream is always a popular choice (which you can also find dairy-free versions of in most grocery stores), but you can also use your milk frother to create foams to top your drink with! All you have to do it combine milk and syrup, froth it up, and top your drink with it for a little extra softness in your sip.

6. Make it your own!

Love toppings? Fancy cups? Make sure your bar is somewhere you want to spend a little chunk of your morning- the more it reflects you, the better.

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